General update notes

This update information is intended for experienced administrators and users. In general, only KBR staff or trained KBR service partners should update the KBR visual energy system. We recommend to always ensure that the bus master and visual energy 4 web are of the same version.


  • Updates are only available from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (no download option).
  • Before you start the update, back up the KBR databases (SQL backup) if possible. These are the databases 'EbusMasterLoadProfiles' and 'EbusMasterEnergyCounters', on the individual eBus masters. You should also backup the central visual energy 4 databases 'KBR membership' and 'KBR visual energy 4'. On an all-in-one system, all these databases are stored on the multisys embedded system.


  1. Request an update CD from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  2. Update all bus masters.
  3. Update visual energy 4.
  4. Check if the update was successful.

How to test the update

  1. Make sure that the eBus master services have started. These are:
    • KBR ebm Communication Service
    • KBR ebm Service Manager Service
    • KBR edifact service
  2. Make sure that all KBR services have started on the visual energy 4 server as well:
    • KBR edifact service
    • KBR ve4 automation service
  3. Sign in to visual energy 4 web as administrator (KBR support) and check the following:
    • Are the bus master configuration interfaces accessible from the project configuration area?
    • Is the REQDOC data query to the bus master working?

Bus master with XP embedded operating system

Please note that only bus masters with the operating system Windows 7 Embedded can be updated with a software update. Older systems that have been installed on the basis of Windows XP Embedded cannot be updated. However, you can upgrade them to the current version of Windows 7 Embedded. For this purpose, the system is equipped with a new CF card with a corresponding image in the factory. Please contact the KBR service if you want to upgrade your system.

This way, you can determine the basis for your bus master's operating system:

  1. Log in to visual energy 4 web as a project manager.
  2. In the system area navigation tree, navigate to the 'multisys-BM' node and click on it.
  3. In the overview, you can see all registered bus masters with information on the operating system, among other things:

    Version numbers beginning with indicate Windows XP, those beginning with indicate Windows 7: