Supports KBR eBus Supports Modbus RTu and Modbus TCP
Supports OPC servers as data sources Supports EDIFACT data exchange (ORDERS, MSCONS)
Mobile data capture using an Android app Manual meter reading
Web application    
Graphical representation of live values and status. Graphical and tabular representation of historical values.
System requirements. Software installation istructions.
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Reliable energy data capture and plausible evaluation

visual energy 4 is an open solution for reliable and continuous energy data capture, automatic monitoring and plausible evaluation. It is compatible with the following data sources:

  • Manual meter reading
  • Mobile meter reading using Android smartphones
  • MSCONS data import from the energy provider
  • Automatic capture of meter readings (electricity, gas, heat, water) using standard Modbus measuring devices.
  • Automatic capture of meter readings (electricity, gas, heat, water) using M-bus devices via M-bus / Modbus gateway
  • Automatic capture of meter readings via OPC, e.g. M-bus, BACNET, Profibus, etc.
  • Automatic meter reading and load profile measurement (electricity, gas, heat, water, ...) using KBR eBus measuring devices




visual energy 4 not only records the readings, but also automatically verifies their plausibility on the basis of the mapped supply structure. As a result, the error-prone creation of virtual measurements is a thing of the past, as is virtual data maintenance in the event of changes. The system reliably prevents measured values and energy flow directions from being mixed up. Furthermore, fuses in electrical networks can be monitored, reactive power compensated and power peaks effectively reduced.

visual energy 4 can be used in individual companies, companies with several locations (branches) or in clouds with several different projects on the same server. Without any additional costs, any number of users with individual access to locations or individual media can be created.

visual energy 4 has the following organizational structure:


Capability visual energy 4

Product Description / funktion Note

visual energy 4

Item no.: 14310


visual energy 4-ZP5

Meter point license (5)

Item no.: 14326

Application overview:

  • Energy data management
  • Cost center management and billing
  • Time-controlled readings and measured data archiving
  • MSCONS meter reading and load profile import (manual, FTP, email)
  • Plausibility check
  • Substitute value formation in accordance with BDEW metering code
  • Live update and visualization of measured values in the supply structure
  • Convenient configuration of measuring devices
  • Monitoring of the (nominal) consumption and notification of higher or lower consumption
  • Limit settings monitoring and warning if limits are exceeded
  • CSV meter point export
  • CSV cost center export

Visualization overview

  • Representation of the complete energy supply as a topological diagram
  • Supports the illustration of the energy forms of electricity, gas, water and heat
  • Clear tab system with navigation elements for a quick and precise navigation
  • Multiple measured values can be combined and presented in a graph
  • Icon and drawing object library

Report function overview

  • Complete listing of relevant tariffs with power type and other tariff components
  • Extensive overview of all existing cost centers in the network topology
  • PDF report
  • Substitute value formation in accordance with BDEW metering code
  • Status labeling of consumption values

System overview

  • Scalable, distributed application
  • Firewall-friendly architecture
  • No restrictions and licensing according to number of users
  • Integration of manual meters
  • Language DE/EN can be selected by the user
  • User and role-based authorization
  • Location-based calendar (work days, non-work days, public holidays etc.)
  • 255 switch groups per location
  • 100 time programs per location
  • Incorporation of the different time zones of different locations
 System  requirements

multisys 2M132-ET-16-EBM

visual energy 4 bus master

Item no.: 14247


  • Configuration of eBus and eBus devices
  • Automatic capture of meter readings & load profile
  • MSCONS export
  • Display and transmission of all instantaneous values
  • 100 time programs with 25 actions each per location
  • 250 switch groups per location
  • Device parameter monitoring
  • secureF fuse monitoring Modbus


  • Automatic capture of meter readings
  • MSCONS export
  • Display and transmission of selected instantaneous values
Systemm completely installed on embedded computer for DIN rail installation (including power supply unit)

multisys 2M132-ET-16-AIO

visual energy 4 bus master & web

Item no.: 14248

Bundle consisting of bus master and web with limited properties
  • max. 20 eBus / module bus devices
  • no virtual devices
  • no recording of extreme values
  • no calculated meter points

visual energy 4 mobile

(included in visual energy 4)

Android app for mobile meter reading

  • Quick and easy connection via QR code
  • Plausibility check on data entry (zero consumption, higher/lower consumption, reverse flow...)
  • Meter point identification via QR code scan
  • Meter change
  • Language DE/EN can be selected by the user (Android system setting)

Excel add-in for visual energy 4

(included in visual energy 4)

Allows Excel simple access to energy data

  • Toolbar and project window allow access to the supply structure
  • Extensive set of functions to access consumption values and meter readings
  • Uses http web service to access energy data
  • Visual energy 4 user rights are factored in

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