multiwave active harmonic filter

multiwave active

 Aktives Oberschwingungsfilter - modular, kompakt, effizient und zuverlässig

multiwave active eliminates harmonics and load asymmetries

No matter whether lighting, power supplys, speed controlled drives or charger: Almost all non-linear consumers (e.g. power electronics) cause massive voltage distortions.

Harmonics up to the 50th harmonic, and load asymmetry: multiwave Active eliminates both, directly and reliably. This optimizes network quality and reduces costs.

The savings achieved through the reduction in reactive power can be easily calculated. It is almost impossible to put into figures what can be saved through reduced equipment wear, fewer error corrections, or even production stoppages that are prevented before they happen. Studies prove that damage to the tune of billions has been caused every year so far. multiwave active is therefore a good investment for all areas with network disturbance problems.



 multiwave active: modular, compact, effective and reliable

  • Most effective harmonic mitigation up to 50th order (odd and even).
  • Below 5% THID achievable even for mixed and dynamic load profile.
  • Most compact and modular design. Flexible and easy installation.
  • Robust, reliable and suits the broadest temperature (power module up to 50°C) range with full performance.
  • High efficiency (< 2.3% losses) and very low acoustic noise.
  • Only air cooling for all product variants with IP 20 power module or IP 54 cabinet version.
  • Reactive Power Compensation
  • Load balancing
  • Modular ready to use, retrofit integration in slide-technology cabinet
  • Ultra-flexible mounting and installation options

About multiwave active

The perfect product for every requirement

Even the smallest version of multiwave active guarantees compensation of harmonics up to the 50th harmonic, as well as reactive energy. Small dimensions and low weight enable a simple and space-saving installation in every situation: both wall-mounted and cabinet assembly are possible up to protection type IP 54. With a power dissipation of only 970 W, this model is extremely economical. The reaction time of less than 300 μs in the UltraFast mode makes it possible to optimally compensate even dynamic consumers.


Mechanical design
Free-standing-cabinet incl. Sync-module

multiwave active 60 A (3-/4-Leiter)

multiwave active 120 A (3-/4-Leiter) 2 1 YES YES YES
multiwave active 180 A (3-/4-Leiter) 3 1 YES
multiwave active 240 A (3-/4-Leiter) 4 1 YES
multiwave active 300 A (3-/4-Leiter) 5 1 YES


The solution for better network quality

Situation: Many companies have problems with their power system quality. Safety and cost-effectiveness are central factors in companies. Here, one requirement for optimal results is the faultless operation of the technical infrastructures in the form of machines, production facilities or office equipment. This is however frequently not the case: usually without an evident reason, and despite UPS back-up and emergency generators. The consequences:

The consequences:

  • Cables and networks cannot be fully loaded
  • High energy losses in the networks
  • Increased wear and tear and limited availability of facilities
  • Failure of devices and facilities

Often, the reason for breakdowns and premature wear and tear are quality problems in the internal power system. Measurements and network analyses have repeatedly proven this.

Solution: multiwave active eliminates harmonics and load asymetries. Nearly all non-linear consumers in the industrial world cause massive voltage distortions of the original pure sine curve. This is where multiwave active is applied. Harmonics up to the 50th harmonic are eliminated directly and reliably. This ensures a high network quality and reduces costs. Savings made as a consequence of lower equipment wear, less troubleshooting or the prevention of production stoppages are immense. For this reason, multiwave Active pays off within a short time.

The advantages

As an active harmonic filter of the newest generation, multiwave Active offers many advantages over conventional technology. multiwave active is powerful, compact, fully digital, reacts within microseconds and reliably compensates current harmonics and reactive power. With these features, the active harmonic filter presents itself as an all-in-one device for excellent power quality.
Compact models for all requirements
Whether building technology or automation technology: with its extensive range of models, multiwave active is ideal for the most diverse applications. Versions of the devices range from 60 to 300 ampere and 380 to 480 volts – in 3-phase or 4-phase technology.

Rapid compensation almost in real-time
The faster an active harmonic filter reacts to disturbances in the network, the more exactly it compensates them. Since multiwave active is fully digital, a reaction time of less than 300 microseconds is possible. This way, multiwave active ensures excellent power quality and protects power supply units, cables and machines.

Resilient towards external influences
In industrial environments, cleanroom conditions cannot always be guaranteed. The high-tech components in multiwave active are therefore protected against external influences. The power modules are by default equipped with protection type IP20, and thus protected from dust. The standing cabinet version is also splash-proof, according to the protection class IP54.

High performance in a confined space
In comparison with other active filters, multiwave active requires little space. In its 50 ampere version, the external dimensions of the device are only 44 x 42 x 22 cm and it weighs less than 44 kg. This makes wall assembly possible without any problems.

Areas of deployment

The number of companies and institutions that could significantly optimize their network quality with multiwave active is huge. The efficient active harmonic filter is optimally suited for use in building technology, as well as in systems engineering and automation technology. In this context, it makes sense to already include the device in the planning and implementation stages of new facilities. Of course, multiwave active can also be intelligently integrated into existing facilities and institutions with power quality problems.

Operating comfort

multiwave active offers supreme flexibility, as it can be coupled to the energy supply on the load or network side via a variety of current transformers. Configured with just a few clicks, the existing network current is permanently measured and any harmonics or phase shifts occurring are actively compensated. Within microseconds, multiwave Active calculates the appropriate compensation currents, makes these available and feeds them into the network. Fully digitized controlling along with high computing performance make this possible.

Multilingual menu and control via software
Using a multilingual, menu-guided operating panel and display, the setup, selection and adjustment of individual parameters is very user-friendly for all multiwave active device types. With the Software AHF-Viewer, installation and maintenance can be performed conveniently via computer. In remote operation via Ethernet and TCP/IP interface, the current status of the network quality can optionally be retrieved online, so that adjustments can be made.


Service solutions

Individual solutions and comprehensive service
So that you can find the optimum solution for excellent network quality, KBR is at your service as a competent multiwave active system partner: from consulting on the network analysis and planning, down to implementation and after sales service. A 24 months warranty from KBR provides you with additional security


Safe energy supply

In accordance with the German Low Voltage Access Directive (NAV), operators must operate their devices so that disturbances of other systems are ruled out. Otherwise, the network operator may interrupt connections without any warning, to prevent disturbances of their facilities or other connections. For this reason, energy-consuming companies and institutions have to check their internal network and ensure that limiting values are maintained. With multiwave active, deviations can, once identified, be reduced so that the value lies within tolerance again. Increased safety for you!

Technical data general

Technical data general
Number of phases (system input)  3-phase 3-wire / 3-phase 4-wire (all-in-one)    
Mains frequency  50/60 Hz ± 3 Hz    
Mains voltage  3-wire: 380 VAC ± 15% – 480 VAC ± 10%
 4-wire: 380 VAC ± 15% – 415 VAC ± 10%    
Inverter topologie  3-level  NPC Topologie, IGBT    
Switching frequency  16 kHz    
Response time  300 μs    
Harmonic mitigation performance  up to the 50th harmonic    
Total harmonic current distortion THDi  ≤ 5%    
Power factor correction  cosφ = -0.7 ... 1 ... 0.7 (inductive and capacitive compensation)    
Current transformer placement  Mains side or load side
Current transformer ratio  xx/5A orr xx/1A
Cooling type  Air cooling
Communication interface  Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus RTU RS4
Digital input /output 2 DIO and 2 DO
Self-protection YES
Overheat protection YES
Overvoltage and undervoltage protection YES
Earthing system TT, TN-C, TN-S-, TN-C-S, IT
Altitude <1000 m withoute derating; up to 4000 m with derating
Ambient conditions pollution degree 2
Relative humidity >95% non-condensing, 3K3
Temperature storage 55 °C, 1K3, 1K4
Transportation  -25 °C to 75 °C, 2K3
Approval CE, RoHs
Design standards IEC 61000-4-2, 4-4, 4-5, 4-6
EN 61000-3-11, 3-12
En 61000-6-2
EN 55011
EN 62477-1
EN 61800-3



Technical data power module

Technical data power module
Dimensions of a single unit  440 mm x 420 mm x 222 mm (WxDxH)    
Rated phase mitigation current    60 A rms        
Rated neutral conductor mitigation current  180 A pk        
Overload capability  150 A        
Mounting  Wall-mounting (book- or flat mounting)
Weight of a single unit  44 kg
Ambient temperature  0 ... 50 °C full performance, up to 55 °C with derating
Power losses  < 1100 W under full mitigation performance< 2,6 %
 <   970 W in typical operation < 2,3 %
Protection class

 IP 20

Noise level  < 56to 63 db A (depending on load situation)
Recommended fuse protection  100 A Typ gL or gG

 book mounting

multiwave active power module, wall book mounting

flat mounting

multiwave active module, Wall flat mounting


Technical data wall housing

Technical data wall housing
Dimensions  800 x 550 x 1200 mm + 100 mm ceiling ventilation (WxDxH)    
Rated phase mitigation current    60 A 120 A      
Rated neutral conductor mitigation current  180 A pk 360 A pk      
Overload capability  150 A 300 A      
Weight  132 kg 176 kg      
Power loses full mitigation performance  < 1300 W < 2400 W      
Power losses typical operation < 1170 W < 2100 W      
Mounting  Wall mounting
Ambient temperature  0 ... 50 °C full performance, up to  55 °C with derating
Protection class

 IP 20 or optional IP 54 

Noise level  < 56 to 63 db A (depending on load situation)
Recommended fuse protection  200 A Typ gL or gG

 multiwave active Wall housing



Technical data free-standing-cabinet

Technical data free-standing-cabinet
Dimensions incl. cabinet  800 x 600 x 2000 mm + 100 mm cabinet base + 100 mm ceiling ventilation (WxDxH)
Rated phase mitigationcurrent    60 A 120 A 180 A 240 A 300 A
Rated neutral conductor mitigation current  180 A pk 360 A pk 540 A pk 720 A pk 960 A pk
Overload capability  150 A 300 A 450 A 600 A 750 A
Weight  224 kg 226 kg 312 kg 356 kg 400 kg
Power losses full mitigation performance  < 1300 W < 2400 W < 3500 W < 4600 W < 5700 W
Power losses typical operation  < 1170 W < 2100 W < 3100 W < 4000 W < 5000 W
Mounting  Standschrank
Ambient temperature  0 ... 40 °C full performance, up to 50 °C with derating
Protection class

 IP 31 or optional IP 54 

Noise level  < 75 db A (depending on load situation)
Recommended protection for full assembly  400 A Typ gL or gG


 multiwave active Standschrank


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