Measurement data as a basis

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Data forms the foundation

Measurement data is the essential foundation for all improvement measures in energy management. It is therefore extremely important to record the data completely and plausibly. Precise measurement accuracy is essential in order to be able to evaluate the data in a meaningful way. We would be happy to work with you to develop a well thought-out measuring point concept, based on which the relevant measuring points in your company can be planned and designed. This concept is characterized a meaningful picture of the structure of your energy infrastructure.

In line with the holistic approach of the KBR system concept, all measurement technology components are coordinated with each other and can be expanded on a modular basis. In this way, the measuring devices are suitable for every area of application and impress both individually and as part of a system thanks to their wide range of possible uses.

KBR products and solutions for “capturing”

Record your energy data and measure your grid to gain insights into energy consumption and voltage quality. KBR measurement technology is as versatile as your requirements. So that you are equipped for every measuring task, we offer you:

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Energy meters
The all-rounder for recording and documenting energy data.
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Signal acquisition
Integration of further digital and analog signals.
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Current transformer
So that retrofitting is also child's play.
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Network analyzers
For monitoring your power quality.
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