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We work hard every day to help you save energy!

We are the specialists for products and solutions to reduce energy costs in trade and industry.
reduce. For many of the important tasks involved in managing the energy required, KBR offers a reliable and coherent system. Efficient and of the highest quality.

With a deep-rooted tradition in component construction, our company has developed into a leading provider in the field of energy management. For many years, we have been working not only to develop more efficient energy products and solutions, but also to ensure a comprehensive and coherent overall system that you can rely on at all times.

In today’s digitalized world, security is just as important to us as efficiency. We understand that trust in the security of sensitive energy statistics is essential to make informed decisions and ensure long-term and sustainable action. That’s why we focus on the highest quality, true to the “Made in Germany” standard, by developing our hardware and software components ourselves and manufacturing and testing them at our factory in Schwabach.

Our focus is not only on optimizing energy consumption and energy costs, but also on creating a reliable basis for data-based decision-making. The combination of long-standing tradition and advanced products enables us to help companies not only to reduce costs, but also to create a secure foundation for their future energy and sustainability initiatives.

At KBR, we are convinced that safety and data-based energy efficiency are closely linked. Together with our customers, we strive to shape a safe, sustainable and efficient future in energy management.


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