KBR - Who we are

Why we believe we at KBR are the partner for your energy future.

We are a family business with a clear focus on the further development of operational energy management. It is important to usto develop pioneering and customized solutions to accompany our customers on their way to a green and competitive future – because energy is precious.

Since our foundation in 1976, we have consistently developed from a craft business into a leading system partner in operational energy management. Our expertise lies in reducing energy costs, increasing energy efficiency and providing customized solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

From inventor to system provider – a success story full of energy!

KBR – what’s behind it?

Our company name is derived from Kompensationsanlagen (Compensation systems) Bau (Construction) Rednitzhembach.
KBR now stands for Kompensations-Blindleistungs-Regelanlagenbau, which means as much as “compensation reactive power control system construction”, as our company is now based in Schwabach.

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Our 360° energy management approach forms a comprehensive overall concept that covers all areas of energy management.

Our precise measurement technology records energy data in any form, such as electricity, gas, water or compressed air. Based on this data, the energy data management system visual energy is used to identify and visualize weak points so that energy can be used more efficiently. Energy optimization systems and Bpower factor correction systems are aimed at lowering energy costs by reducing power peaks and reactive power. In addition, our power quality experts analyze the electricity grids in accordance with standards and locate faults. We use active and passive mains filters to solve this type of mains interference for a reliable energy supply.

Our seamlessly coordinated range of products and services makes us a reliable partner. Our sales engineers, with expertise in your area, offer customized solutions from planning to commissioning. We also support you with maintenance and support after installation. Regular seminars provide you with in-depth knowledge of how to use our technology.

What sets us apart:

  • In-house development, production and testing of our products in Schwabach
  • Consistently high quality thanks to comprehensive vertical integration
  • Highest priority for on-time delivery and short delivery times
  • Expert sales engineers for planning, implementation and support
  • Nationwide customer service for commissioning, maintenance and repairs on site
  • An extensive partner network for energy efficiency worldwide

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Energy meters and signal acquisition
  • Energy data management for ISO 50001 certifications
  • Energy optimization systems
  • Power factor correction systems and components
  • Active and passive power filters
  • Power quality services and grid analyses

KBR. Your reliable partner for an efficient energy future.

KBR. Because energy is precious.

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