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Expand your knowledge and lay the foundations for successful energy management.

We support you professionally with specialist training in the form of user training courses and seminars. The training courses and Seminars have a practical structure. Best of all, thanks to our experienced instructors, the training sessions are lively and your questions can be addressed individually.

We offer fixed dates for user training in our modern training rooms in Schwabach otherwise the seminars take place online. We are also happy to offer in-house training courses and training sessions at your premises.

The range of seminar topics covers all areas of operational energy management, making the content suitable for a wide variety of people:

User training


User training - online

Online seminars (webinars)

Webinare_Bilder für Website_Mischanlagen

Learn more about standard-compliant reactive power management in mixing plants. The influence of the existing reactive power compensation on the[...]

Webinare_Bilder für Website_Power Quality

Learn more about grid perturbations and grid quality. The central topic of this seminar is disturbances caused by grid perturbations[...]

Webinare_Bilder für Website_Blindleistungskompensation

Learn more about power factor correction. In this seminar, you will learn everything you need to know about power factor[...]

Webinare_Bilder für Website_Energiedatenmanagement

Learn more about energy data management. Find out what energy data management (EDM for short) is, who needs it and[...]

Webinare_Bilder für Website_Energieoptimierung

Learn more about energy optimization. The central topic of this seminar is the basics and function of energy optimization. In[...]

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Here you can find out all about the latest trends, findings and developments in the field of energy management.


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