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Enrich your measuring system by integrating additional digital or analog signals with our signal acquisition devices. The strength of multisio lies in recording, documenting and evaluating a variety of energy forms, consumption and states. The flexible system, consisting of a storage center and expansion modules, enables effortless adaptation and expansion according to your requirements. Optimize your measuring processes with a system that does justice to your versatility.

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The multisio principle: No signal escapes control

In industry, commerce and building technology, multisio is the ideal solution when it comes to recording and evaluating digital or analog signals. With speed and reliability, multisio enables the merging and visualization of all relevant parameters. This means you always have an overview and can react in good time – an intelligent system for efficiently organizing your processes and mastering challenges with confidence.

Meter reading

The quantity consumed can be recorded via the pulse outputs of existing meters. In addition to the load profile, additional functions are available:

  • Save the quantity purchased as a graph so that you can analyze your purchasing behavior and identify unnecessary consumption
  • Fast and convenient remote reading of the meter
  • Automatic integration of data in cost centers
  • Readout of consumed quantities over different time periods

Recorded counters can be added and subtracted. The newly calculated total quantity can be passed on via a digital output, e.g. to the input of an energy optimization system. In addition, the newly calculated quantity is saved as a load profile.

By monitoring fuses and switches, faults can be easily visualized and reported. This is also possible if defined limit values are exceeded (temperature, current, power, etc.).

Recording operating hours or machine running times to the second makes it possible to report and carry out maintenance according to actual operating hours. This function is also possible for energy measurements with multimess D4 or multisio D2-4CI. A threshold value is then set from which the operating hours recording takes effect.

Measure and visualize the current temperature. This is saved as an average value in graphical form and the temperature curve is documented for standard verifications. You will receive messages if the temperature exceeds or falls below specified temperature limits.

Measure the absolute amount of heat or cold. At the same time, energy and flow rate are stored for evaluation as a load profile. Flow and return temperatures are saved as instantaneous values and average values in graphical form. You will receive Messages when temperatures exceed or fall below specified temperatures (e.g. flow temperature).

The values of electrical quantities can be saved as maximum value curves. The amount of energy is saved as a standard load profile in order to analyze the energy consumption behavior. The following take place Messages when measured parameters fall below or exceed limit values.

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Products & Solutions


Storage center multisio system


Module with 4 digital inputs


Module with 4 analog inputs


Current measurement module


Module for temperature detection


Module for temperature detection with relay output


Module for analog value output


Module for relay circuit


Energy optimization extension module


Energy optimization extension module - long transmission distance


Extension module for controllable loads

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