Energy optimization expansion module for long transmission distances

multisio D6-4RO-ISO

Signal acquisition and processing
multisio D6 4RO ISO

The multisio D6-4RO-ISO-1 is an add-on module for the multimax energy optimization system.
And supports 4 potential-free relay outputs (changeover relays) with eBus.

The relay outputs are used to control contactors of loads or other systems.

The module can be addressed by a master device (multimax D6-xxx-5, multisio D6-xxx-7 or higher, or PC with visual energy via multigate ESBS) via the module bus interface.

Extended module bus up to 1000 m without bus amplifier, with suitable installation.

The extended module bus interface (RS 485 serial) also functions as a gateway (conversion from module bus RJ12 to eBus (BSES)). Requirement: Module bus input via RJ12 plug, eBus output via terminals 93, 94 and 95.

Technical data
  • Extended module bus
  • 4RO-ISO with integrated power supply unit
  • Relay with changeover contact
  • Ideal for use in installation distribution boards
  • Compact design
  • Modularly expandable

Technical data of the multisio D6-ESBS-4RO-ISO

multiso D6-ESBS-4RO-ISO Article no. 24444


Hardware inputs
Power supply Via module bus: 24VDC / max. 3W
Connection: Modular plug socket RJ12:6P6C
Via mains connection: Ph-N 100V – 240V +/-10% 50Hz/60 Hz/DC,Ph-N 100V – 240V +/-10% 50Hz/60 Hz/DC,max. 25 VA, 13W
Terminal 1 Phase (+)
Terminal 2 Neutral conductor (-)
Terminal 3 PE
Connecting elements Plug-in terminals
Permissible cross-section of the connecting cables Power supply 2.5 mm2
Control voltage input Fuse protection max. 1 A slow, max. C2 Automatic machine
Mains isolating device approved to UL/IEC


Hardware outputsa
Module bus interface Serial interface RS485
Module bus connection RJ12 for prefabricated
KBR – System cable, max. Length 30 m with suitable installation.
Maximum DC output power 7 W
Transmission speed 38400 Bps
Bus protocol KBR module bus/eBus
Extended module bus Connection eBus via 3-pole plug-in terminal

Terminal 93 (⊥)
Terminal 94 (A)
Terminal 95 (B)

Bus cable, up to 1000 m (for more information, see KBR eBus installation guideline)
4 relay outputs 2 plug-in terminals, 6-pole each
Changeover relay A1: Terminal 41 NO contact relay 1
Changeover relay A1: Terminal 45 Common connection relay 1
Changeover relay A1: Terminal ¬ 41 (inverse) NC contact relay 1
Changeover relay A2: Terminal 42 NO contact relay 2
Changeover relay A2: Terminal 46 Common connection relay 2
Changeover relay A2: Terminal ¬ 42 (inverse) NC contact relay 2
Changeover relay A3: Terminal 43 NO contact relay 3
Changeover relay A3: Terminal 43 Common connection relay 3
Changeover relay A3: Terminal ¬ 43 (inverse) NC contact relay 3
Changeover relay A4: Terminal 44 NO contact relay 4
Changeover relay A4: Terminal 48 Common connection relay 4
Changeover relay A4: Terminal ¬ 44 (inverse) NC contact relay 4
Contact load capacity 500VA, 2A, 250V 50/60Hz AC each
Overvoltage category CAT II
Display LED 4x message
1x power indicator
Control unit DIP switch 1x 8-way, for manual operation
1x 4-gang, for bus termination1x 4-gang, for bus termination serial connection RS485
Button Scan button (module bus)


Mechanical data
DIN rail device Housing dimension 90 x 108 x 61 mm (H x W x D)
Mounting type Wall mounting on standard rail; 7.5 mm deep, in accordance with DIN EN 50022; suitable for distribution board installation
Weight approx. 650g


Ambient conditions / Electrical safety
Ambient conditions Standards DIN EN 60721-3-3/A2: 1997-07; 3K5+3Z11; (IEC721-3-3; 3K5+3Z11)
Operating temperature K55 (-5°C …. +55°C)
Air humidity 5 % … 95 %, non-condensing
Storage temperature K55 (-25°C …. +70°C)
Operating height 0….2000m above sea level
Electrical safety Standards DIN EN 61010-1: 2011-07
Protection class I
Overvoltage category CAT III
Rated impulse voltage 4kV
Protection class Standards IP20 according to DIN EN 60529: 2014-09
EMC Standards DIN EN 61000-6-2:2006-03 + Corrigendum 1:2011-03
DIN EN 61000-6-3:2011-09 + Corrigendum 1:2012-11
DIN EN 61326-1:2013-07

Extension module for controllable loads


Storage center multisio system

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