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The multimax energy optimization system monitors the energy consumption behaviour of electricity consumers. This dynamic load management also calculates the need for optimization in real time and thus actively controls the energy flows. This allows you to reduce power peaks in your business and save costs in the long term.

Savings of
Energy costs

Better capacity utilization
the infrastructure

Improved conditions
the use of the grid

Targeted power peak optimization

A single high power peak often occurs unintentionally when several systems are operated simultaneously. This drives up energy costs considerably, as the highest peak power is charged additionally in the energy bill. Properly planned energy optimization pays for itself in a short time by eliminating expensive and usually unnecessary power peaks.

Average savings potential in the five-digit range

This means that multimax can achieve average savings of five figures. The costs for the provision of power cannot be completely avoided, but they can be significantly reduced by reducing the supply power, atypical grid usage or individual grid charges.

With multimax, you get a highly modular solution that can be flexibly adapted to any company and any size of business. Thanks to the large number of different inputs and outputs, all consumers can be seamlessly integrated into the system. Achieve efficient energy optimization that enables long-term cost savings and supports your company on the path to sustainable energy use.

Further highlights
  • multimax controls the loads as required using analogue signal outputs, which means optimized control instead of simple switching.
  • The system can be used regardless of industry and company size – with a wide range of applications.
  • Integrated programs ensure compliance with atypical grid usage and enable time-based control of systems.
  • Thanks to the improved integration and precise status feedback of the loads, unnecessary switching operations are reduced.
  • Reporting the actual instantaneous power consumption of the loads leads to greater savings and more careful intervention in the production process.
  • By linking several feedback signals, even sensitive consumers such as large thermal appliances can be included in the optimization.
  • Simple visualization is provided by the intelligent multimax IGW gateway, which enables user-friendly display of the data.

At best, successful energy management can be achieved through a combination of corporate measures to increase energy efficiency and the exploitation of load management potential. Practical applications from the real world show how effectively a multimax can be used to achieve these goals.

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Energy optimization

Save energy costs in the long term by limiting the peak load.