Gateway for visualization

multimax IGW

Energy optimization
multimax IGW

With the intelligent gateway multimax IGW, you can parameterize and visualize your energy optimization.

The gateway with web server is used for simple integration into the network environment and existing infrastructure. To get the maximum potential out of energy optimization, it is advisable to regularly adapt it to the circumstances. As a user, however, you will rarely work with it directly; after all, the system is supposed to carry out its tasks inconspicuously in the background. However, if it is necessary, you should be able to access all important information without a lengthy search.

We have therefore developed a clear operating concept that, similar to a navigation system in a car, always presents a tidy and clear screen layout.

User interfaces
Technical data
3D view
  • Analyze comfortably
  • Intuitive operation via web browser
  • Company calendar with time functions
  • No software installation necessary
  • Update free of charge via web service
  • Can be implemented in any infrastructure
  • Multi-user system with user login

User interfaces

multimax IGW login Registration

The networker is assigned the authorizations via the login.

Viewer: Can visualize online and analyze historical data.
Standard: Additionally has the authorization to change parameters and setpoints.
Expert: The system configuration can be changed and updates can be installed using this login.

multimax IGW Current measurement period G Measurement period

Visualization of the current load period. Instantaneous performance, trend performance and correction performance at a glance.

multimax IGW load profile Load profile

Level-time diagram of the load profile with the current setpoint. Analysis of historical values with a click. Views for the day, week, month or year.

multimax IGW switching operations Switching operations

Analyzing the switching actions. When and how often were which consumers taken off the network for optimization. An overview of all switching operations.

multimax IGW Current line states Consumer

Display of the line states and programming of the connected consumers.
Manual switching (switching on and off) of the connected consumers.

multimax IGW calendar Company calendar

To ensure that machines and systems do not run on standby, they can be switched off outside of operating hours and switched on again in a timely manner. The challenge is that there is no fixed daily pattern for working days. Public holidays, bridge days and, last but not least, short-time work reliably prevent timers from being used to switch off.

Three ingenious features allow for the first time a reliable, time-controlled reduction in consumption:

  • An endlessly valid calendar with predefined and customizable rules and your own day types.
  • Time programs that relate to the day types in the calendar.
  • An easy to use website to view and modify.
multimax IGW time programs Time programs

Easiest creation of time programs. Switching off systems during shutdown, switching on systems for preheating before the start of the shift and much more.

multimax IGW expert configuration System connection

Integrating the system into the existing infrastructure. With these interfaces, integration into the customer network becomes less scary.

Technical data

Power supply: 100 – 240 V DC 50/60Hz
Inputs and outputs: RS 485 eBus interface
RS 485 module bus interface RJ12
TCP/IP interface
USB interface
HDMI interface
SD card slot

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More information (brochures, user manuals, etc.) under download.