Current transformer

Converter for energy measurement technology

The use of multict current transformers and Rogowski coils makes the retrofitting of measurement technology and the acquisition of difficult-to-measure energy data child’s play. All KBR current transformers are characterized by their compactness, versatility and high safety standards. Simplify the integration of your measurement technology and reliably record your energy data, even for demanding measurement tasks.

Perfectly matched
Coordinated system

Premium measurement technology
"Made in Germany"

Simple and
Intuitive operation

The right transducer for every measuring task

The current transformers from the multict product group are an important part of any energy measurement. The precise selection of the appropriate current transformer contributes significantly to the accuracy of the measured values. Our products stand for the highest measurement quality and thus enable you to reliably set up your energy data management system and precisely assess the grid quality.

Rely on our wide range of current transformers to find the optimum solution for every measuring task. This is because choosing the right measuring transducers is crucial for reliable and precise energy monitoring.

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Products & Solutions

Stromwandler_multict ASK_41.4_Aufsteckstromwandler-3
multict ASK
Bushing type current transformer
Stromwandler_multict CTM7_Aufsteckstromwandler-2
multict CTM7
Bushing type current transformer
Stromwandler_multict CTB 51.35_Aufsteckstromwandler Schraubenlos-3
multict CTB
Bushing type current transformers – screwless connection technology
Stromwandler_multict KBU_58_Kabelumbaustromwandler-3
multict KBU
Split core transformers
Stromwandler_multict KBR_42_Kabelumbaustromwandler-3
multict KBR
Core balanced current transformers
Stromwandler_multict KSU-SUSK_Summenstromwandler-3
multict KSU / SUSK
totalizing current transformer
Stromwandler_multict FASK und ROI-3_Rogowskispule und Integrator-3
multict FASK
Rogowski coil
Stromwandler_multict CTB 51.35_Aufsteckstromwandler Schraubenlos-3
multict XCTB / XKBU / XKBR
Measurements up to 20 kHz
Stromwandler_multict EASK_41.4_Aufsteckstromwandler fuer Verrechnungszwecke-3
multict EASK
Bushing type current transformers for billing purposes
Stromwandler_multict CTB 51.35_Aufsteckstromwandler Schraubenlos-3
multict ECTB
Bushing type current transformers for billing purposes – screwless connection
Stromwandler_multict ESUSK_Summenstromwandler fuer Verrechnungszwecke-3
multict ESUSK
Totalizing transformer for billing purposes
Stromwandler_multict DACT60_Differenzstromwandler-3
multict DACT
Residual current transformer
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