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Power quality and operational safety

Modern and energy-efficient consumers with their clocked power supply units, power electronic drives and control systems enable considerable energy savings. For them to function reliably, they depend on a consistently high voltage quality. However, due to their specific load characteristics, these innovative operating resources in particular can significantly impair the quality of a company’s own electricity grid. The resulting network repercussions lead to production downtimes, network failures or system defects. This is why a reliably high voltage quality is crucial for the operational safety of modern production processes.

In many countries, strict standards and limit values apply in the area of grid perturbations. Companies are therefore obliged to check their internal electricity grid and ensure that the prescribed limit values are complied with. In an emergency, the energy supplier could even be forced to cut off the power supply. Our power quality experts are on hand to assist you with your power grid according to standards, localize the causes of faults and effectively reduce harmonics.

KBR Service – Your added security

Continuous care and regular maintenance are necessary to ensure maximum safety in your business. Our comprehensive service offers you all-round support from a single source. In addition to professional commissioning, our dedicated team is also is available for regular maintenance.

Our service hotline and factory customer service not only provide you with support, but also with valuable tips and practical recommendations for action – whether remotely or directly on site. Take advantage of our extensive expertise and many years of practical experience. We have been using our expertise to drive forward operational energy management for you since 1976. Rely on security and benefit from our proven reliability.

KBR products and solutions to “optimize and improve”

Measures to improve network quality as well as regular maintenance and professional commissioning help to avoid follow-up costs and breakdowns. With KBR products and solutions, we offer you added security:

Active & passive mains filters
Minimize interference levels and feedback in the power grid.
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Power Quality Service
Professional implementation and evaluation of network analyses.
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PQ Maintenance service
Voltage quality always in view - even without PQ expertise.
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Maintenance & commissioning
Maintenance, commissioning, hotline and customer service.
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Questions about our solutions or interested in a free KBR workshop?

Power Quality Service
Troubleshooting and solutions: Our PQ Service offers comprehensive support in the field of network measurements.