Intelligent gateway for energy optimization

multisio IGW

Signal acquisition and processing

Our intelligent gateway multisio IGW was specially developed for connecting loads to be controlled in energy optimization systems. It is therefore the perfect choice for the energy optimization integration of charging stations, battery storage systems and other controllable components that provide information exchange via Modbus TCP/IP.

IGW Frontal

Simple integration of all loads to be controlled into the energy optimization system

Where the loads to be controlled were previously integrated into the energy optimization via hardware contacts or usually not at all, the multisio IGW now offers a simple and convenient solution:

The gateway integrates the loads into the system via Modbus TCP/IP. This protocol ensures connection-oriented data exchange between the energy optimization system and the loads to be controlled. The multisio IGW simulates analogue and digital inputs and outputs for energy optimization. This saves you the time-consuming clarification of how the loads (charging station, battery storage , etc.), which usually have standard Modbus interfaces, can be connected. Furthermore, the multisio IGW does not require an external power supply, as this is already integrated into the device.

multisio IGW Schema

In short, the multisio IGW offers the simplest solution for integrating all controllable loads into energy optimization. This gives you a fully comprehensive system with which you can effectively control your energy consumers, avoid peak loads and save energy efficiently.

Technical data
3D view
  • Integration of all loads to be controlled in the energy optimization (incl. charging stations and battery storage)
  • Simple integration via Modbus TCP/IP
  • No complex wiring
  • Can be implemented in any infrastructure
  • Already integrated power supply unit

Technical data

Power supply: 100 – 240 V +/- 10% AC/DC, 50/60 Hz, 20 VA
Standard rail housing Dimensions: 4 TE
Inputs & outputs: RS 485 eBus interface
RS 485 module bus interface RJ12
TCP/IP interface
USB interface
HDMI interface
SD card slot
Protection class: Front IP 20 / SK I
Parameterization: A multimax IGW (art. no. 25053) is required to parameterize the module


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