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Here you will find all important links and download files for KBR apps, software and GSD files. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with your contact person and KBR Customer Service at any time.

Apps & Software

Power Quality evaluation software - WinPQ lite | for multimess PQ

The evaluation software for the multimess D9-PQ and multimess F144-PQ power quality measuring devices provides you with extensive options for evaluating and assessing continuously recorded measurement data.

The evaluation software for the multilog 2 and multilog 3 mobile measuring devices provides you with extensive options for evaluating and assessing a week’s worth of measurement data.

Use this app to record meter readings manually. All values are immediately checked for plausibility.

In the visual energy dashboard, you can display your energy data in individual graphics. The dashboard is called up within the application or made available online. Let our examples inspire you:

Create individual drawing objects to optimally adapt your visual energy – energy flow chart to your needs.

Get fast and direct support via TeamViewer.

With the color display designer, you can define an individual color scheme for your multimess F96.

This tool can be used to parameterise the LAN port of the multisys device in accordance with the operating instructions.

GSD files

You can use the GSD files (device master data file) to integrate the KBR devices into your higher-level building management system (BMS).

Note: Firmware updates

Firmware updates entail the risk of losing stored data or even destroying the device. Updates must therefore only be carried out after consultation with KBR. KBR accepts no liability for unauthorized firmware updates. We recommend sending the device in or having the update carried out by KBR.

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