Guidelines & Notes

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Guidelines & Notes

As the manufacturer, we hereby confirm that all devices supplied by us have been tested, adjusted and calibrated in accordance with their technical data and internal specifications.

When connecting measuring devices, regulators and current transformers, a few points must be observed.

The proven and robust eBus interface is usually used to connect the KBR devices to the higher-level software. A bus master ensures that all connected devices measure and record synchronously in terms of time and period. In contrast, the KBR module bus is used to expand modular device combinations. The module bus usually also assumes the function of supplying power to the connected modules. The relevant installation guidelines must be observed to ensure proper functioning.

OBIS (Object Identification System) codes are used for the unique identification of measured values (energy quantities, meter readings) and abstract data during electronic data exchange between the communication partners involved in various message types (MSCONS, UTILMD). KBR also uses this marking in the communication between the individual system components.

The OBIS code system is described in IEC 62056-61 for the medium electrical energy and DIN EN 13757-1 for non-electrical media.

secureF is a procedure developed by KBR for monitoring fuse exits. The function is executed on the bus master (system center). Further information can be found in the following PDF.