Reactive power compensation in ISO wall housing

Compensation system multicab-R-I

Reactive power compensation systems
multicab R ISO Wandgehaeuse

The multicab-R-I compensation system provides you with a high-quality and safe power factor correction system in an ISO wall-mounted housing. The specially manufactured ISO housing offers you protection against accidental contact with metallic components and therefore falls under protection class 2.

This power factor correction system is also suitable for all companies and production facilities where there is an increased level of contamination from dust, dirt particles or similar. The ISO design has a higher IP protection class and protects the power factor correction system more effectively against external contamination.

Technical data
  • Outputs from 25 to 100 kvar
  • Choking factor 5.5 to 14 %
  • Capacitor rated voltage with 440 V or 525 V
  • Simple assembly
  • System with reactive power controller

Device type

p = 5.5, 7 or 8 % 440 V capacitors
p = 12.5 or 14 % 525 V Capacitors
Rated voltage | frequency: Un = 400 V | 50 Hz
Maximum permissible operating voltage: Un = 400 V ± 10 %
Maximum permissible operating current:
1.3 x I n permanent
Reactive power controller:
multicomp 144 LCD
4-quadrant operation
Optimizing control behaviour
Circuit switching
Current transformer connection:
1 A and 5 A
Switching element: Capacitor contactors
Control voltage: U tax = 230 V, 50 Hz
Control voltage transformer required for deviating operating voltage
Switching delay: 60 s
Capacitors: Low-loss multicond UHPC power capacitors, MTK technology
Nominal capacitor voltage: UBem. = 440 V (AH); UBem. = 525 V (AB)
Discharge of the capacitors: Discharge resistors t < 60 s; optional discharge chokes t < 3 s
Filter circuit chokes: Linear filter circuit chokes to avoid resonances in networks with harmonics, built-in temperature monitoring
Throttling factors: p = 5.5, 7.8, 12.5 and 14%
Built-in unit version: Galvanized mounting plates
Protection class: Protection class 2
Ambient temperatures: + 40 °C Maximum value, short-term
+ 35 °C on a 24-hour average
+ 20 °C on an annual average
– 10 °C Lowest value
Protection: Group fuse protection with NH fuses and fuse bases
(NH isolator on request)

Other safety components


Safety and maintenance module


Power factor correction system in the floor-standing cabinet

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