Certified energy meter for the top-hat rail with MID approval

multicount D5

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multicount D5 2 ES 3P 1 MID

The multicount D5 is a MID 3-phase energy meter. With MID approval (B + D), it is suitable for energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 and self-consumption groups (EVG).

  • Compliant with measurement and calibration law
  • MID 3-phase energy meter
  • Delivery and purchase (4 quadrant measurement)
  • Suitable for energy management according to ISO 50001


Meter that complies with measurement and calibration law

The multicount series sets new standards in the area of MID meters. As a top-hat rail device, it can be installed quickly and easily in distributors. It can be integrated into the visual energy energy data management system via the KBR eBus interface.

The multicount is designed for demanding measurement tasks and is ideal for use in industrial plants, businesses, crafts and administration for cost center accounting and third-party quantity delimitation.

Like all KBR products, the multicount MID energy meters were designed for maximum performance, longevity, functionality and for demanding measurement tasks.

Technical data
Third-party quantity delimitation
  • Compliant with measurement and calibration law
  • MID approval ex works for billing purposes
  • Converter ratio, pulse rate and time, addressing adjustable via buttons
  • Double tariff (HT/NT)
  • S0 pulse outputs for active and reactive energy, delivery and purchase
  • Serial KBR-eBus interface RS485

multicount – MID 3-phase energy meter

Device types overview
TYP Interface Article no.
[1] multicount D5-3P-1/5A-MID Converter counter 1A and 5 A 23821
[2] multicount D5-3P-75A-MID Directly measuring 24193
[3] multicount D5-2-ES-3P-1/5A-MID Converter counter 1A and 5 A KBR-eBus 24194
[4] multicount D5-2-ES-3P-75A-MID Directly measuring KBR-eBus 24195
Standard rail mounting [1] [2] [3] [4]
Transducer measurement Yes Yes
Direct measurement up to 75 A Yes Yes
MID certified according to MID module B + D Yes Yes Yes Yes
Illuminated LCD display, accuracy class B (1%) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Measuring voltage Um 3 x 230 / 400 V +/- 20%, 50 Hz
Measuring current Im 3 x 0.01…6 A AC Yes Yes
Measuring current Im Direct connection up to 75 A Yes Yes
Current transformer ratio 5/5 to 20,000/5A or 1/1 to 4,000/1A Yes Yes
Interfaces KBR-eBus
RS 485
Yes Yes
Working pulse outputs S0 11 11 42 42
Protection class Terminals IP 20 / housing IP 51, SK II
Dimensions 5HP, HxWxD 90 x 90 x 67 mm

11Working pulse output for active energy (kWh) reference| 24 Working pulse outputs for active and reactive energy, delivery and purchase

Third-party quantity delimitation with the multicount D5-MID

Third-party quantity delimitation

The EEG levy finances the expansion of renewable energies. In principle, all electricity end users have to pay the EEG surcharge. It is part of the electricity price. However, the EEG levy is not the same for all electricity consumers. Upon request, BAFA limits the EEG surcharge for electricity. This is relevant for companies that are energy-intensive companies (BesAR), consume their own electricity or have additional levy privileges. All reductions have one thing in common: only the amount of electricity consumed is relieved. If “third parties” are supplied at the location, their electricity volumes must be “demarcated” (third-party volume delimitation).

This means that the amount of electricity passed on to third parties is exempt from the EEG surcharge reduction and is subject to the full EEG surcharge. This amount of energy must be proven to the network operator in accordance with measurement and calibration law, e.g. with the multicount D5-MID.


DIN rail measuring device with event memory


Measuring device DIN rail


All-rounder measuring device with TFT display

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