Measuring device for the top-hat rail with event memory

multimess D6

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Energy measuring device multimess D6

The multimess D6 DIN rail measuring device is suitable for reliable use in 3- and 4-wire networks. The device, which is equipped with a bus connection, has an internal, non-volatile data memory in which the long-term data is stored. The active and reactive energy is stored separately for energy consumption and energy recovery (4-quadrant measurement). In addition to the internal and external tariff control for two tariffs and various synchronization options, the device offers a pulse output with programmable pulse value. The device has a six-digit LC display and six status LEDs to display measured values.

Using KBR eBUS, additional energy consumption data from the energy storage system as well as extended measurement functions can be accessed.

When developing this measuring device, the standards DIN EN 61036 (IEC 1036), DIN 61268 (IEC 1268) and the VDEW specifications version 2.0 as of 12/97 were used.

Pulses proportional to active work or reactive work can be output via a programmable output, which is designed as an S0 interface. Both the pulse output type (proportional to active or reactive work when drawing or delivering) as well as the pulse value (number of pulses per kWh or per kvarh) and the pulse curves can be freely parameterized.

Storage functions
Technical data
  • 4-quadrant load profile memory for recording the accumulated active and reactive power (purchase and return delivery)
  • Memory for recording daily work values for 365 days
  • Memory for the measurement period maximum of the previous month
  • Event memory (4096 entries) for logging counter actions such as: E.g. power failures, tariff changes, deletion functions u. v. m.
  • Can be used in 3 or 4-wire networks – multimess D6
  • Current transformer connection for x / 1 A or x / 5 A (up to 9999 A)
  • Pulse output with freely programmable pulse value
  • 4-quadrant load profile memory for cumulative active and reactive power with a storage period of 64 hours to 160 days
  • Easy-to-use sensor buttons with acoustic feedback
Measurement of positive active energy | negative active energy: P+ | P –
Measurement of positive reactive energy | negative reactive energy: Q + | Q –
Rates: HT | NT
Can be used in 3-wire networks | 4-wire networks: Standard
Display type: LCD
Class: 1
Rates: HT | NT
Certification ability | for internal billing purposes: – | Standard
Load profile memory P total | Q total (cumulative): Purchase and energy recovery | Purchase and feedback
Daytime active and blind work (readable via bus): 1 year for energy procurement and energy recovery
Rates: HT | NT
Event memory for monitoring tariff switching commands, power failures, etc.: 1024 events with date and time
Voltage path: 3 x 5 V … 100 V … 120 V AC and 3 x 30 V … 400 V … 480 V AC
Current path: 3 x 0.01 A … 1 A … 1.2 A AC and 3 x 0.05 A … 5 A … 6 AC
Synchronization input | Tariff switching input: Standard | Standard
Pulse output for active work | Blind work: Standard | Standard
Pulse value: programmable
serial: RS485
Operating voltage: 85 – 265 V AC / DC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption:
Housing division units | Size in mm (H x W x D): 6 TE | 90 x 106 x 61
Protection class: IP 20
Mounting type: Wall mounting on standard rail 7.5 mm deep, according to DIN EN 50022, suitable for distribution board installation
Weight: approx. 650 g

Measuring device DIN rail


All-rounder measuring device with LED display


All-rounder measuring device with TFT display

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