Interface retrofit kit

multimess F96 TFT option boards

Measure, Energy measuring devices

Convenient retrofitting of interfaces

Possible interfaces:
KBR eBus*, Modbus*, KBR eBusTCP*, Modbus TCP*

*depending on the respective device type

Optionsplatine Set SAM 1637

Retrofittable interfaces: option boards

The option boards are retrofittable interfaces for the multimess F96 measuring devices and offer you the opportunity to react flexibly to different measuring tasks. Thanks to clever installation technology, the multimess F96 measuring devices can be upgraded from a basic device to a high-end device in just a few steps
that has all the important interfaces.

The circuit boards are installed or replaced easily and directly on site; the installation depth of the device is not changed. Various upgrade kits offer extensions for Modbus serial, Modbus TCP, Profibus DP, eBus serial or eBus TCP. This means you can rely on future-proof, efficient and sustainable measurement technology that also meets all certification criteria for energy data management according to ISO 50001.

  • Convenient retrofitting of the multimess F96 bus connections
  • A wide range of expansion and application options
    different interfaces and protocols
  • Uncomplicated installation of the circuit board directly on site
  • The boards can be exchanged for every device variant
  • The installation depth of the device remains unchanged

Upgrade kits: go from basic to high-end device in no time

Upgrade e.g. from multimess
F96-0-TFT-1DO-US1 / -US5* on:
Upgrade-Kit, фupgrade kit,
Item number:+
Available interfaces and additional functions:
F96-2-TFT-MS-2RO1DO-US1 / -US5
23765 Modbus RS485 / real-time clock, 2x relay output
F96-2-TFT-MT-2RO1DO-US1 / -US5
23763 Modbus Ethernet / real-time clock, 2x relay output
F96-2-TFT-ESMS-2RO1DO-US1 / -US5
23761 KBR eBus RS485, Modbus RS485 / real-time clock, 2x relay output
F96-2-TFT-ET-2RO1DO-US1 / -US5
23762 KBR eBus Ethernet, real-time clock, 2x relay output
F96-0-TFT-ESMS-1DO-US1 / -US5
23760 KBR eBus RS485, Modbus RS485

* The option board can be replaced with every device variant of multimess F96.

Quickly and easily retrofitted in 3 steps

Step 1
Option board step1 SAM 1618 Thanks to the innovative assembly technology, the multimess F96 can be easily, safely and time-savingly upgraded in just a few steps.
Step 2
Option board step2 SAM 1619 The clever handling not only makes new installations particularly convenient, but also makes replacing devices unnecessary.
Step 3
Option board step 3 SAM 1620 Everything can be done on site. The installation depth remains unchanged even after installation.
Installation depth
Sketch installation depth The installation depth of the device remains the same even after the circuit board has been inserted!

Measuring device DIN rail


All-rounder measuring device with LED display


All-rounder measuring device with TFT display

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