All-rounder measuring device with TFT display

multimess F96 TFT

Energy measuring devices, Measure

Electronic network measuring device

The electronic network measuring devices in the multimess F96-TFT series offer comprehensive measurement and monitoring of all important parameters in the three-phase three-phase network and are available in various versions.
A pulse output is integrated in all devices. Load profile storage (P+ P- / Q+ Q-) is available on all models except the entry-level device F96-0 and can be read out via the eBus. You can also monitor the mains voltage in accordance with EN 61000-4-30 and the voltage and current curve is saved in the event of a deviation.
You can analyze this data directly on the TFT display. Various optional interfaces and protocols allow the devices to be used in a variety of ways.

Information on the interfaces:

  • ohne und mit Schnittstelle
  • Ein-/Ausgänge optional
  • Modbus und Ein-/Ausgänge optional
  • Mögliche Schnittstellen: KBR eBus*, Modbus*, KBR eBus TCP*, Modbus TCP* (*abhängig vom jeweiligen Gerätetyp)


Design your own measuring device

Now color comes into play – the multimess F96-TFT is equipped with a TFT color display and the colors of the graphical user interface are individually adjustable. This allows you to customize the view according to your wishes and your company colors, simply directly on the device.

Let your creativity run wild and simply determine the color representation of measured values, backgrounds, alarm messages, separation lines and diagrams yourself. Impress customers and colleagues with vibrant colors in your individual design. Sentences like – I don’t like it, too dark, too light, too little contrast, the wrong color – are finally a thing of the past. Our color configurator helps you find the right colors for your multimess F96-TFT.

…and best of all: the price remains the same!


Individual front panel

Would you like to apply your individual company color, your own device name or your company logo to your multimess F96-TFT?
You can also customize the front of the device according to your corporate design specifications. Your customization options are just as varied as the multimess F96-TFT.

Simply get in touch with us to discuss the details: Request advice

You will be able to fully identify with your multimess F96-TFT.

multimess F96 TFT Gestaltungsmuster
Technical data
3D view
Color configurator
  • Measuring accuracy according to DIN EN 61557-12
  • Power quality according to DIN EN 61000-4-30
  • Colored TFT display
  • The color scheme of the display can be individually adjusted by the user
  • Compact design, standard installation dimensions 96 x 96 mm
  • Optionally retrofittable interfaces for every purpose
  • Simple intuitive operation
  • Convenient colored display, e.g. with bar graphics for network-harmonic OS
  • Graphical representation of the voltage and current curve after a defined EN 61000 event
Device types overview
Power supply
Article no.
US1 1
Article no.
US5 2
[1] multimess F96-0-TFT-1DO-US_-5 23423 23431
[2] multimess F96-0-TFT-ESMS-1DO-US_-5 23424 24341
[3] multimess F96-2-TFT-ESMS-2RO1DO-US_-5 23426 24002
[4] multimess F96-2-TFT-ET-2RO1DO-US_-5 23428 24004
[5] multimess F96-2-TFT-MS-2RO1DO-US_-5 23430 24006
[6] multimess F96-2-TFT-MT-2RO1DO-US_-5 23427 24003
[7] multimess F96-2-TFT-ESET-2RO1DO-GW-US_-5 25434 25969

1 US1 100 bis 240 V +/- 10% AC/DC 50/60 Hz, 8 VA

2 US5 22,5 bis 64 V +/- 10% AC/DC 50/60 Hz, 8 VA

Input and output configuration
Device type [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
Pulse output 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Relay output 2 2 2 2 2
Interface RS 485 RS 485 RS 485 RS 485
KBR eBus Yes Yes Yes
KBR eBus TCP Yes Yes
Gateway function Yes
Modbus RTU/ASCI Yes Yes Yes
Modbus TCP Yes
Memory Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Details, metrics and storage
multimess F96…

[1] …0-TFT-1DO-US_-5
[2] …0-TFT-ESMS-1DO-US_-5

multimess F96…

[3] …2-TFT-ESMS-2RO1DO-US1-5
[4] …2-TFT-ET-2RO1DO-US1-5
[5] …2-TFT-MS-2RO1DO-US1-5
[7] …2-TFT-ESET-2RO1DO-GW-US1-5

Tension U Ph–N (L1 – L3) | U Ph-Ph U Ph–N (L1 – L3) | U Ph-Ph
Electricity I Ph (L1 – L3) I Ph (L1 – L3)
Average current value I Ph (L1 – L3) I Ph (L1 – L3)
Neutral conductor current IN | IN means IN | IN means
Apparent power S Ph (L1 – L3) | S total S Ph (L1 – L3) | S total
Active power P Ph (L1 – L3) | P total P Ph (L1 – L3) | P total
Q1 = fundamental reactive power Q1 (L1 – L3) | Q 1 total Q1 (L1 – L3) | Q 1 total
Frequency f network f network
Harmonics THD (L1 – L3) voltage THD (L1 – L3) voltage
Id (L1 – L3) current Id (L1 – L3) current
3. – 63. Harm. (L1 – L3) Tension 3. – 63. Harm. (L1 – L3) Tension
3. – 63. Harm. (L1 – L3) Electricity 3. – 63. Harm. (L1 – L3) Electricity
Rotating field control: rotating field display in degrees Yes Yes
Performance factors Fundamental oscillation cosφ (L1 – L3) Fundamental oscillation cosφ (L1 – L3)
Total power factor λ (L1 – L3) | λ total Total power factor λ (L1 – L3) | λ total
Electrical work Endless counter for active work P+ | P- Endless counter for active work P+ | P-
Endless counter for blind work Q+ | Q- Endless counter for blind work Q+ | Q-
Tariff switchable HT / NT2 HT / NT
Load profile memory P total / Q total P+ | Q+ (cumulative)3
P- | Q- (cumulative)3
Storage duration of the load profiles
(with a 15 minute measurement period)
Ring memory for 366 days
Daytime, active and blind work Annual working memory, daily values for active and reactive work
Split pointer function (min. / max.) yes1 Yes
Event memory 1500 events for logging tariff switching commands,
Error messages, etc. with date and time 3
Operational diary 500 entries with date and time

Without storage and timestamps
2 Switching via eBus
3 Cannot be read out via Modbus and Profibus

Upgrade kits: from basic to high-end device in no time at all.

Let your creativity run wild and use our color configurator. Find the right shades for your individual multimess F96.

Click here for the color configurator.


Interface retrofit kit


All-rounder measuring device for retrofitting

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