Built-in module with thyristors


Reactive power compensation components
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The multimod-F-T built-in module is a thyristor-switched power factor correction module.

The thyristor-switched built-in modules are suitable for the installation of power factor correction systems in existing cabinets. The built-in modules with thyristors enable power factor correction with minimal switching delays – almost in real time. Due to their unlimited switching frequency and minimal switching delay, the thyristors switch the capacitors on and off quickly. This reduces the load on the capacitors, which in turn leads to a longer service life for the entire power factor correction system.

The convenient modular design also enables simple and flexible system expansion. All compensation modules are available choked to prevent resonance damage and thus extend the service life of the capacitors. The built-in modules are characterized by their quality and durability. We only use quality components in our handmade modules.

Technical data
  • Outputs from 12.5 to 50 kvar
  • Throttling factors 5.5, 7 or 8 % or 12.5 or 14 %
  • Capacitor rated voltage 525 V
  • For cabinet widths 800 mm
  • Long service life due to unlimited switching frequency
  • No noise generation
  • Short switching times

Device type

p = 5.5, 7 or 8 %
p = 12.5 or 14 %
Rated voltage | frequency: Un = 400 V | 50 Hz
Maximum permissible operating voltage: Un = 400 V ± 10 %
Maximum permissible operating current: 1.3 xIn permanent
Switching element:
Thyristor switch
Control voltage: DC control: US control = 10 – 30 V
AC control:Utax = 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Control via reactive power controller or directly via PLC
or process controller
>>> Control voltage transformer required for deviating operating voltage
Switching delay: DC control: 1 – 15 ms, dynamic controller required
AC control: 10 – 25 ms with direct control
500 ms with control via standard reactive power controller
Capacitors: Low-loss multicond UHPC power capacitors, MTK technology
Nominal capacitor voltage: UBem. = 525 V (p=5.5.7 or 8%); UBem. = 525 V (p=12.5 or 14%)
Discharge of the capacitors: The EPL technology means that there is no unloading time during operation.
to be complied with. Discharge resistors t < 60 s, no discharge throttling possible
Filter circuit chokes: Linear filter circuit chokes to avoid resonances in networks with harmonics,
Built-in temperature monitoring
Throttling factors: p = 5.5, 7 or 8 % (SH); p = 12.5 or 14 % (SB)
Module design:
Galvanized modular panels
Protection class:
IP 00, the components used comply with BGV-A2
Ambient temperatures: + 40 °C Maximum value, short-term
+ 35 °C in 24 hour average
+ 20 °C annual average
– 10 °C Lowest value
Protection: Group fuse protection with NH fuses and fuse bases
(NH isolator on request)
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More information (brochures, user manuals, etc.) under download.