System power supply 24 volts

multisys D4-PS24V

Energy data management
multisys D4 PS

Das Systemnetzteil multisys D4-PS24V-1 ist ein 24 Volt Netzteil in kompakter Bauform. Es ist für die Wandmontage und Verteilereinbau geeignet.

Technical data
Mechanical data
  • Compact design
  • Wall mounting on standard rail 7.5 mm deep
  • Suitable for distribution installation
Power supply
1. Power consumption <26VA, 14W
=~100-240V +-10% DC/50/60Hz
2. Power consumption <46VA, 26W
=~230V +-10% DC/50/60Hz
Hardware outputsa
Voltage output 1. 24V DC; 0.42A; 10W; short circuit proof
2. 24V DC; 0.84A; 20W; short circuit proof
Electrical connection
Connecting elements RJ12 module bus sockets and screw terminals
Input power supply
Max. permissible cable cross section 2,5 mm2
Validation Recommendation 1 AT <Backup < 4 AT
Voltage output
Max. permissible cable cross-sections 1,5 mm2
DIN rail device
Housing dimensions 91 x 71 x 61 mm (H x W x D)
Mounting type Wall mounting on standard rail 7.5 mm deep,
according to DIN EN 60715.
Suitable for distribution installation
Weight approx. 150 g
Ambient conditions
Standards DIN EN 60721-3-3/A2:
1997-07; 3K5+3Z11;
(IEC60721-3-3; 3K5+3Z11)
Operating temperature -5°C…+55°C
Air humidity 5%…95%, non-condensing
Storage temperature -25°C…+70°C
Electrical safety
Standards and subsequent ones DIN EN 61010-1: 2001 +B1 + B2 (IEC61010-1A2)
Protection class I, according to DIN EN 61010-1:2001 + B1 + B2 (IEC61010-1)
Overvoltage category CAT II
Protection class IP20 according to DIN EN 60529:1991 + A1:2000 (IEC60529)
Electromagnetic compatibility DIN EN 61000-6-2: 2006-03;(IEC 61000-6-2)
DIN EN 61000-6-3: 2007-09;(IEC 61000-6-3)

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Gateway and repeater

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