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Reactive power compensation systems
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Special monitoring functions together with KBR quality products ensure maximum availability.

The safety aspect should not be underestimated when operating power factor correction systems. This is where the secureC security and maintenance concept comes in. This innovative safety and maintenance concept developed by KBR combines important functions to ensure maximum safety and high availability when operating a power factor correction system.

The concept
The elements
The mode of action

Safety is of central importance when operating power factor correction systems. The secureC safety and maintenance concept developed by KBR ensures maximum availability of your compensation systems – even in networks that are heavily loaded with harmonics.

This concept is based on quality products from KBR. secureC reliably monitors the capacitor capacities. If the capacitor is excessively worn, the stage is disconnected from the mains for safety reasons. This effectively prevents resonance-related damage to the system. In addition, the stage pre-fuses and contactor contacts are also monitored for function.

The intelligent temperature-controlled ventilation system offers additional protection against failure due to overheating.

secureC reports any faults that occur on the display via a fault signaling contact and the bus interface.

Due to the large number of safety components, maintenance by a specialist company is not required for the first 3 years.


  • Maximum availability of the system
  • High level of safety thanks to monitoring of the individual switching stages
  • Best KBR services
  • Warranty extension
  • No maintenance by a specialist company required for the first 3 years


Advantages of secure C, maximum availability, high level of safety thanks to early detection of faults, extended warranty for your compensation system.

secureC can be implemented with the multicomp reactive power controller – for setting up a compensation system with up to six cabinets. multisio extension modules can be connected to the basic module – 5 relay modules, 5 temperature modules and 6 current measurement modules per basic module. This makes it possible to control up to 24 levels. Other components of the secureC concept: multicond UHPC capacitors and multiind filter circuit chokes – also developed and produced by KBR. The KBR ventilation concept, the web-based visual energy analysis software and the KBR service based on a maintenance contract complete the secureC concept.

multicomp reactive power controller (basic module)

multiso expansion modules (relay modules, temperature modules, current measurement modules)

multiind filter chokes

multicond UHPC capacitors

KBR ventilation concept

KBR service maintenance contract with visual energy service lines

Elements secureC, safety and maintenance concept for compensation systems

Monitoring of resonant frequency, stage pre-fuse and contactor contacts

As the capacitance decreases due to capacitor wear during operation in heavily loaded networks, the resonant frequency of the choke is constantly shifting. This means that a correctly designed system can become a latent hazard with increasing operating time. The unavoidable shifting of the resonance points due to loss of capacitance is taken into account by secureC by calculating the new resulting resonance frequency. The resonant frequency is then evaluated taking the programmed choking factor into account. When critical frequencies are reached, the display issues corresponding warnings, which are logged in the event memory. If previously defined resonance frequencies are exceeded, the system switches off and, if necessary, blocks the affected stages. The secureC concept also detects the tripping of individual fuses or “sticking” contactor contacts.

Temperature management

The secureC concept also includes special temperature management. Conventional controllers simply switch off the entire system when a limit temperature is reached, thereby not only incurring reactive current costs, but also very high apparent currents and thus the tripping of switches. However, secureC ‘s temperature management ensures that such cases are avoided as far as possible. As before, the fans are activated when the first temperature threshold is reached – separately for each cabinet, of course. If this is not sufficient and an equivalent stage (stage power, choking, thyristor/contactor) is available in another cabinet, this is used as an alternative. Even if the emergency shutdown temperature is reached despite these preventive switching operations, not all stages are removed at the same time, but one after the other with a delay of two minutes.


Other safety components


Power factor correction system in the floor-standing cabinet

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