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visual energy 5 is a system in which all components interact flexibly. Thanks to its scalability, the system can also be easily expanded at any time.

Energy data management also offers you a variety of important monitoring functions that help you to keep your energy costs under control at all times. Clear rights management, TÜV certification for ISO 50001 and early detection of overloads help you to prevent downtime phases in production and eliminate potential energy guzzlers.

The KBR safety components

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Flexible integration and simple expansion

The rapid developments in the energy world require flexible and scalable solutions. Our system of measurement technology, software and services is characterized by high connectivity and simple integration, even into existing IT infrastructures.

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Residual current monitoring

visual energy 5 signals in good time when the residual current is approaching a critical value. This prevents electrical accidents or systems being switched off. Regular measurement of the insulation resistance of electrical systems is prescribed by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV, Regulation 3).

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Network quality

Safety and efficiency are crucial in the company. Technical infrastructures in the form of machines, production facilities or office equipment must function smoothly. Together with the KBR class A measuring devices and the filter devices of the multiwave family, visual energy meets all the requirements for excellent power quality.

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Consumption control

The integrated consumption monitoring of visual energy 5 warns you in good time of irregularly high or low consumption. The energy manager can store maximum and minimum values in order to determine an expected target for each measuring point.

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Certified ISO 50001 software

visual energy is certified for the ISO 50001 standard and is eligible for subsidies from BAFA. During the recertification of visual energy, TÜV Süd confirmed the high plausibility and consistency of the energy data as a unique selling point for energy data management systems.

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Rights management for user roles

With visual energy 5, you can easily create different user roles and organize your energy management team according to function and competence. Individual authorizations for access to energy data are possible not only at site level, but also down to the individual medium.

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KBR Smart Maintenance

This service is the radar for your entire energy data management system consisting of hardware and software. A KBR team of experts is on hand to provide you with specific recommendations and valuable tips for implementation.

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KBR security concept secureF©

Specially developed for monitoring electrical fuses. In conjunction with KBR eBus devices, visual energy 5 ensures permanent monitoring and notifies you immediately if a warning or alarm threshold is reached.

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KBR security and maintenance concept secureC©

SecureC© is a safety and maintenance concept developed by KBR that guarantees maximum safety and high availability for the operation of power factor correction systems. Special monitoring functions together with visual energy 5 and KBR quality products ensure maximum availability.

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For maximum security: secureC and secureF
Energiedatenmanagement für smartes Energiemanagement
Look to an energy-efficient future

The visual energy energy data management system brings transparency to your energy consumption and full control over your operational energy management.

It is more than just software

visual energy 5 supports every energy manager on the path to sustainable energy reduction.