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The right solution for your requirements

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Which version is right for me?

visual energy 5 offers a suitable solution for every requirement. With maximum flexibility, the software supports every energy manager on the way to sustainable energy reduction.
From the cloud solution to the client-server installation to the all-in-one package – with visual energy you get maximum flexibility according to your requirements.

visual energy 5 is available in three versions. Choose the solution that best suits your company’s data infrastructure: With visual energy 5 cloud , we provide you with a fully hosted solution. You can use the Client Server version locally in your own server environment. All-In-One is our fully configured package for anyone who wants to get started right away.

Which application is right for you? Just ask us. We provide you with expert advice.

All versions in detail

Visuelle Energiewolke für Energiemanagement.

Cloud solution

Use visual energy 5 as a cloud-based application for maximum flexibility. Thanks to the cloud solution, you always work with the latest software version: all updates included.
Ein Laptop mit einem Thermometer daneben, das Energiemanagement zeigt, um Kosten zu sparen.


Use visual energy 5 as a software installation on your own server. Would you like to install the software on your own SQL web server? No problem. visual energy 5 can be easily integrated into existing systems and adapted to your server environment.
Kostensparendes Energiemanagement.

All-in-one package

Benefit from visual energy 5 as a fully managed package for your immediate project start. A package that leaves nothing to be desired. You receive visual energy 5 pre-installed on a powerful 19-inch rack server from KBR. On request, also with the right configuration for your current project.
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