Power Quality

Clean electrical networks ensure operational safety

High voltage quality ensures operational safety. Even modern consumers with their cycled power supply units, electronic power drives, and controls are reliant on a high quality voltage supply. They enable significant energy savings, optimize processes, and increase productivity. Unfortunately, however, this same equipment also loads the networks in office buildings and production facilities heavily due to its load characteristics.

Strict standards and limits in the area of network disturbances are in force in many countries. Energy-consuming companies and institutions have to check their internal network and ensure that limits are maintained. In the worst case scenario, the energy supplier can cut them off!

KBR helps you to evaluate grids according to standards, localize the causes of faults, and reduce harmonics.


Disturbances and potential solutions

Disturbances and potential solutions 

Reducing energy costs by reactive power compensation

"Reducing energy costs by reactive power compensation"

Power Quality Service

Troubleshooting and Solutions

Power Quality - Troubleshooting and Solutions

Components for reactive power compensation

KBR-Catalogue - Components for power compensation