High-frequency filter

multiwave passive HF

Active & passive harmonic filters

The use of a large number of small and large inverters is constantly increasing in industrial networks. These are either introduced when new machines are purchased or integrated when existing systems are upgraded to improve energy efficiency. This reduces the need for inductive fundamental reactive power and increases the reactive power due to harmonic currents.

A large proportion of the harmonic voltage is generated at the mains transformer, which in turn causes interference at the consumers. The standard limit values for harmonics are often already exceeded in the main distribution board, which leads to unreliable operation of the machines and can lead to increased defects in the control technology.

A high-frequency filter can significantly reduce interference in the high-frequency range from 1.5 kHz, such as resonances, commutation dips, clock frequencies and transients.

The step can be integrated individually in the wall cabinet or as a module in the floor cabinet of the multiwave passive. It is also possible to connect several high-frequency filters in parallel.
The size of the filter depends on the level to be compensated. After the filter is switched on, it operates without regulation and in real time. If required, this can be switched on and off via a signal.


Comparison: Harmonics without filter (left) vs. harmonics with high-pass filter (right)

Harmonische mit Filter und ohne Filter


Passive harmonic filter

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