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Information about the update to visual energy 5.1.

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We have listened to your wishes and are pleased to present the top topics of the visual energy update in brief.
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visual energy area marking

Data editor

The data editor is a selective data query for manipulating selected data points. This manual correction is necessary if a gap has occurred in the data, for example due to a specific event or incorrect scaling of some values. The values are processed using the standard calculation operators and you can add notes even more easily after the update. Before saving, you can check the correction in a preview diagram.

Area markings

Range markers help us to recognize repeated patterns in our energy data. These can be freely selected horizontally and vertically via the X and Y axes. We can therefore use these to mark periods of time, such as (non-)working days. This allows us to see at a glance whether, for example, a differential current correlates with certain days. We can also draw limit values as a line or highlight entire value ranges.

visual energy mobile

visual energy mobile is a mobile web application that you can download directly from visual energy using a QR code. It is therefore common for all operating systems. All assigned messages and measures appear in this mobile web application. This allows you to create them immediately during operation or add photos, for example. A completely new feature in the visual energy update is vehicle recording: you can use the new “Mobility” medium to record every refueling process on the move, regardless of the vehicle type (e.g. electric). As usual, mobile meter reading incl. meter reading requirements are available. This always draws the attention of the responsible user to these requirements. In addition, visual energy mobile works locally, so you can upload newly added data live or only when you reconnect to the Internet.

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visual energy mobile


In addition to our main features, we have also listened to your wishes and requirements for “little things” and optimized visual energy at over 1000 points.
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