Compensation system multicab-R-SSE... up to 500 kvar

multicab R SSEH 500kvar

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multicab-R-SSE... up to 500 kvar

Reactor protected power factor correction modules and equipment in rack-mounted design with two busbars; detuning factors 5.5 - 14%


  • Easy installation and servicing due to rack-mounted design with two busbars
  • Detuning factors 5.5 - 14%
  • Specially designed for big capacities from 300 to 500 kvar
  • Good stability
  • Two busbar systems for easy connection
  • Reactive power controller multicomp D6 with display


Technical data

Device type

SSEH p = 5.5, 7 oder 8 %
SSEB p = 12.5 oder 14 %

Rated voltage | frequency: Un = 400 V | 50 Hz
Maximum permissible operating voltage: Un = 400 V ± 10 %
Maximum permissible operating current:
1.3 x In permanently
Reactive power controller:
multicomp D6 with display
4-quadrant operation
optimizing control mode
circuit switching
Current transformer connection::
Optionally available
Switching element:
Capacitor contactors
Control voltage:
Ucontrol = 230 V, 50 Hz
 >>> Control voltage transformer required for deviating operating voltage
Switching delay: 180 s
Capacitors: Low-loss multicond-UHPC power capacitors, MKP technology
Capacitor rated voltage:
Urated = 440 V; Urated = 525 V
Discharge of capacitors: Discharge inductors t < 180 s
optional discharge inductors t < 3 s
Filter circuit inductors: Linear filter circuit inductors to avoid resonances in networks with harmonics,
integrated temperature monitoring
Inductor factors: p = 5.5, 7 or 8 %; p = 12.5 or 14 %
Housing design:
Sheet steel cabinet, inside and outside painted in color RAL 7035 (other colors on request), module plates galvanized, door stop on the left (optionally on the right), energy supply below (above on request), protection class I
Protection type: IP 20 (IP 54 on request), the components used correspond to DGUV rule 3
Ambient temperatures:
+ 40 °C highest value, briefly
+ 35 °C in 24-hour averagel
+ 20 °C in annual average
– 10 °C lowest value
Ventilation: Integrated ceiling ventilation, temperature-controlled
Fuse protection: Group fusing with NH fuses and fuse bases
(NH isolator on request)


Brochure, technical data in preparation

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