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visual energy 4 Starter is a web application. In a web browser, open the following URL: http://localhost/ve4starter/. You will be forwarded to the login page automatically. Enter 'kbradmin' as the user name; the standard password is 'kbradmin' as well.

Getting started

You have to perform the following steps once to get started:

Change password

visual energy 4 Starter is a web application. Any local network participant knowing the URL address can easily work with the program and for example configure devices. The default password is known and therefore does not provide adequate protection. For this reason, it should be changed after installation.

Login with the user name kbradmin and the standard password kbradmin. Click on the following button in the 'Change your password' window:


Create Location

The location includes all devices of a specific site. To create a new location, proceed as follows:


Create bus segment

First, select a location. You can now create bus segments as needed. Each segment defines a communication channel to the individual bus devices. To create a bus segment, proceed as follows:


The following table helps you choose the right type:

 eBus Device / gateway typeSystem requirementsSelection

multimess 3...-TCP
multimess 4F96...-ET
multimess 4F144...-ESET
multisys 2D2-ESET

Netzwork Interface KBR TCP
2 Com-Server, z.B. W&T Netzwork Interface Com-Server
3 serielles RS485 eBus Gerät,
z.B. multimess 4F96...-ES
Serial RS 485 Interface Serial Interface

Depending on your selection, you have to enter additional data to define the segment.

  • Segment name
  • IP address of the KBR TCP device
  • TCP port of the KBR TCP device


  • Segment name
  • IP address of the COM server
  • TCP port of the COM server

  • Segment name
  • COM interface (RS485) of the Computer


Click on the 'Confirm' button to create the segment. If the gateway or the interface can be reached, availability is indicated by a green LED: