Other reactive current compensation components

Here you will find a selection of high-quality accessories for your power factor correction systems.
We offer you a wide range of options to optimally complement your appliances. Our team is at your disposal
will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance in selecting the right components.

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Extinguishing device

The automatic extinguishing device offers additional safety. It is highly effective, extinguishing fires in a matter of seconds. Also available in combination with a smoke detector.

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Apparent current relay

The multicomp-SMR 5 apparent current relay is used to automatically switch fixed capacitors on and off. The current is recorded via a current transformer.

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Discharging choke

With the multidis-ED 100 discharge chokes, capacitors can be discharged within a very short time. When compensating for fast-switching loads, the capacitor is then available again after a short time.

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Air conditioners and heat exchangers

If temperatures are too high, filter fans cannot supply sufficient cold air. In such cases, the multicool-WT heat exchangers or multicool-KLA air conditioning units ensure sufficient cooling of the reactive current compensation system.

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Fan and inlet and outlet filter

Correct ventilation increases the service life of a power factor correction system. Depending on the version, the multimod-FAN can be used as door or roof fans with the corresponding multimod-FIL inlet and outlet filters.

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Cabinet base

The multicab-SO cabinet base for the raised installation of compensation systems impresses with its robust design and high stability. The side, front and rear panels can be removed if required.

Multimod Einbauset

Installation set

The multimod-FSP installation set is used for easy installation of KBR modules in existing system cabinets. The installation set is complete with cable duct, PEN rail and transformer connection terminals.

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