Controlled compensation systems

 Controlled compensation systems. Made in Germany.

Individually planned, engineered and manufactured according to your requirements.

We only use type-tested high quality components in our automatically-controlled reactive power compensation systems. The system cabinets contain a temperature-controlled ventilation system which protects the devices from damage due to overheating. Thanks to the convenient modular design, the system can be expanded quickly and easily. All system modules can be used flexibly in almost any cabinet system.

A properly planned compensation system actively contributes to a considerable reduction in energy costs, as well as reducing environmentally harmful carbon dioxide (CO2).

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Controlled compensation systems

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  • Assembly Plate
  • Free Standing Cabinet
  • Reactive Current Compensation Units
  • SecureC
  • Thyristor Switch
  • Wall Cabinet

Detuned or undetuned available


Reducing energy costs by reactive power compensation

"Reducing energy costs by reactive power compensation"

Components for reactive power compensation

KBR-Catalogue - Components for power compensation