System integration

Solutions: System integration, EDM visual energy, multisys Systemcenter, multisys Gateways/Repeater

Analysis and visualization software: quick, easy and maximum efficiency

visual energy 5 supports every energy manager on the path to sustainable energy reduction. 100% plausible energy data ensures reliable evaluations and allows savings potential to be maximized.

Perfect Cost Control
All energy consumption at a glance and identify savings potential immediately.

Certified Security
Certified by the TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) for ISO 50001 and technology Made in Germany.

Efficient Energy Data Management
Save energy, time, and costs with automatic workflows and intelligent functions.

More Sustainability
Accomplish energy audits and energy policy goals like CO2 reduction in compliance with standards.

Competent Services
Support for all questions relating to visual energy.

System center

The multisys system center controls the entire bus management. Equipped with the KBR visual energy software, the system center not only collects data but also functions as a web server.

Bus system

Good to know: Easy to integrate different devices and systems multisys Gateways integrate various bus systems into the KBR system and allow measuring devices from other manufacturers to be integrated without a problem.