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Increase your energy efficiency and reduce your energy consumption.

visual energy is the toolbox for operational energy management. Thanks to its wide range of tools, the software supports energy managers in all their tasks and enables them to analyze and monitor the energy consumption efficiently in every respect: Get to know your powerful tools:

Ein energieeffizienter Computerbildschirm, auf dem ein kostensparendes Diagramm angezeigt wird.

Regression analysis

Visual energy 5 uses regression analysis to provide a mathematical model that shows the correlation between energy consumption and selected influencing factors. This analysis allows you to see whether there is a dependency between energy consumption and any other variable, such as production volume.
Ein Mobiltelefon mit einem blauen Bildschirm, der eine Reihe von Zahlen anzeigt und sich auf Energiemanagement konzentriert, um Kosten zu sparen.

Key figures

Customizable, meaningful key figures – ideal for your energy audit. Use your energy data to draw up meaningful key figures and see whether your energy efficiency targets have been achieved by comparing energy performance indicators before and after.
Ein Tablet, das ein Diagramm der Energiemanagementdaten anzeigt und dabei hilft, Kosten und Energiemanagement zu sparen.


Identify hotspots at a glance by visualizing large amounts of data. Particularly conspicuous values are highlighted in color so that weak points and the need for optimization can be quickly identified. Of course, you also have the option of individually defining all chart properties, such as color scheme, axis scaling or time range.
Die Apple Watch zeigt die visuelle Energie-App zum Energiemanagement an.


Visual energy 5 keeps you up to date with user-defined plain text messages. Authorized users can immediately see where the shoe pinches. Receive an immediate notification if previously defined limit values are exceeded and thus achieve optimum control and continuous safety.
Auf einem Laptop wird eine Karte angezeigt, die das Energiemanagement und die Kosteneinsparungen des Unternehmens eines Unternehmens zeigt.

Sankey diagram

Freely configurable display of energy flows by combining existing metering points and measured variables. This enables you to identify inefficiencies and economically viable savings potential at a glance. You can process and export these quickly, because all it takes is a click of the mouse and the finished Sankey diagram is available to you as a PDF.
Ein Laptop zeigt eine Liste von Artikeln auf dem Bildschirm an und nutzt gleichzeitig Energiemanagement, um Kosten zu sparen.


With visual energy 5, you not only increase your energy efficiency, but now also reduce your own time and workload. By simplifying the organization, implementation and documentation of individual measures, the software offers you perfect support in creating a comprehensive action plan.
Ein iPad mit einem Energiemanagementdiagramm, das hilft, Kosten zu sparen.

Workday monitoring

With visual energy 5, you benefit from an intelligent monitoring system that automatically detects and reports atypical and conspicuous data values on non-working days.
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